Check out our list of homes Riteway has worked on this year alone and what we have done. Driving through your neighborhood, you’ll be surprised how many of your neighbors have trusted and hired  Riteway Brick Restoration! Please respect the privacy of the homeowners. Do not knock on any doors. Admire the work from the street.

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3804 Wisconsin– Tuck-pointed Chimney

1936 Wisconsin– Grind/Tuck-point Brick Pillars

3244 Grove- Grind /Tuck-point home

2202 Grove– Grind/Tuck-point home

6822 Winsdor– Grind/Tuck-point home

3620 Ridgeland– Grind/Tuck-point home

1635 Euclid– Removed Window/windowsill and bricked up opening

6418 Fairview– tore down/rebuilt 2 chimneys. Installed new cement caps on chimneys

3440 Ridgeland- Grind/Tuck-point top brick. Tuck-pointed chimney and replaced bad brick

3646 Clarence- removed bad brick on chimney/Rebuilt. Installed new liner connecting water heater and furnace.

6432 28th pl.- Grind/Tuck-pointed brick under deck. Re-sealed chimney flashing               

6827 30th St.- Grind/Tuck-point home

3534 Cuyler- Grind/Tuck-pointed chimney. Repaired brick where awning used to be

6431 26th pl.- Grind/Tuck-pointed red faced brick

3627 Gunderson- Tore down/rebuilt chimney. Re-sealed flashing and installed new cement cap

2401 Euclid- Grind/Tuck-point garage and South wall of home

2337 Scoville- Tore-down/Rebuilt Pillar. Grind/Tuck-point brick rails

6431 26th Pl.- Grind/Clean/Tuck-pointed all red face brick/Walls

2837 Cuyler- Grind/Tuck-pointed all brick stair rails

3434 Grove- Tore-down/Rebuilt chimney. Installed limestone. Re-sealed flashing. Installed ZFlex liner connecting hot water tank to furnace

2616 Lombard- Tore-down/Rebuilt chimney. Installed new cement cap. Re-sealed flashing. Installed new liner connecting hot water tank to furnace

1501 Ridgeland- Repaired portions of brick wall/tuck-pointed

3808 Kenilworth- Installed new kitchen vent

7048 35th St.- Grind/Tuck-point chimney. Re-sealed cap and flashing

3516 Elmwood- Remove bad brick on home and replace new/Tuck-point

1403 Kenilworth- Grind/Tuck-pointed chimney. Re-sealed cap and flashing

2424 Highland- Grind/Tuck-point bad areas

3115 Clarence- Tore-down/Rebuilt chimneyGrind/Tuck-point

6235 Roosevelt Rd.-  Tore-down/Rebuilt parapet wall. Grind/Tuck-point & installed moisture barrier

3525 Ridgeland- Removed glass block window and bricked up

3705 Clinton- Grind/Tuck-pointed chimney. Re-sealed cap and flashing

3741 Clinton- Removed bad brick on home and rebuilt. Re-sealed/Caulked portions of sidewalk/Foundation

3601 Ridgeland- Tore-down/Rebuilt chimney. Installed new cement cap. Tuckpointed


3534 Vernon- Grind/Tuckpointed brick pillars. Repaired portion of brick porch. Re-sealed front stairs

3501 Oak- Tore-down/Rebuilt brick pillars

8820 Brookfield Ave.- BROOKFIELD POLICE DEPARTMENT- Installed cinderblock inside building where cells used to be

3529 Woodside- Grind/Tuck-pointed chimney. Re-sealed cap and flashing

3801 Madison-FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH- Chopped/Grinded/Tuck-pointed front stone and side walls. Repaired stone pillars. Power washed mold

3149 Maple- Tore-down/Rebuilt bottom portion of south wall. Tuck-pointed

9512 47th st.-LICITRA ROOFING- Complete restoration of building including: Grinding out mortar joints/Tuck-pointing, Power-washing. Removed glass block windows and replaced with brick.. Removed bad lintels/installed new Zinc coated lintels with moisture barrier.

3514 Madison- Removed/Replaced glass block windows. Repaired/Tuck-pointed brick rail. Bricked up old window

3516 Madison- Grind/Tuck-pointed fireplace chimney. Re-sealed flashing. Installed new cement cap

3112 Park- removed glass block

3308 Sunnyside- Tore-down/rebuilt 2 columns. Grind/Tuck-pointed brick rails

3314 Raymond- Tore-down/rebuilt chimney. Installed new cement cap

9017 Monroe- Removed bad chimney cap/installed new cement cap


2500 20th Ave.-Grind/Tuck-pointed settlement cracks on building. Removed bad brick by foundation and rebuilt


226 30th Ave.- Tore-down/rebuilt chimney. Installed new cement cap


1212 61st. Ave.- Grind/Tuck-pointed front of home

3639 56th Ct.- Removed bad brick on chimney and replaced. Grind/Tuck-pointed and re-caulked chimney

1233 1/2 58th Ct.- Removed/Replaced bad portions of driveway. Removed/Replaced bad brick on SW wall of home

1500 61st Ct.- Grind/Tuck-pointed brick rails

3811 56th Ct.- Removed/Replaced bad bricks on home. Tuck-pointed

5338 31st – Tore-down/Rebuilt chimney. Installed new cement cap/resealed flashing

3605 57th Ct.- Tore-down/Rebuilt chimney. Tuck-pointed. Installed new cement cap. Resealed flashing and installed new Z-FLEX liner connecting hot water tank to furnace

1518 58th ct.- Grind/tuck-pointed under stairs. Tore-down/rebuilt brick pillar. Tuck-pointed brick rails


58 E. Oak- Tore-down/rebuilt 10 ft wall. Installed new limestone. Grind/Tuck-pointed west wall

745 Rush- Removed old/installed new cinder-block. Fireproofed cinder-block

336 Cermak-M&S ASPHALT- Removed/replaced glass block

5544 Armstrong-  Opened cinder-block wall, installed new lintels


664 N. Indiana- Removed old/installed new cement chimney cap

885 Parkside- Grind/Tuck-pointed chimney. Resealed flashing

716 Howard- grind/tuck-pointed entire home. Resealed flashing


7444 Harrison- Grind/tuck-pointed sides of home and parapet wall

611 Hannah- Grind/tuck-pointed/repaired brick basement walls. Water-proofed outer wall

317 Elgin- Tore-down/rebuilt brick walls and lintels. Installed waterproof flashing. Caulked limestone

212 Marengo- MARENGO CONDO’S- grind/tuck-pointed building walls. Applied professional water sealant. Removed loose caulk on affected doors and windows,re-caulked with bronze Polyurethane.

240 Latrop- Grind/tuck-pointed top of home


917 Sycamore- Grind/tuck-pointed/repaired concrete foundation


809 Madison- Resealed/tuck-pointed chimney. Installed new cement cap.


815 Country Club Drive- Tore-down/rebuilt 2 chimneys. Installed new cement caps. Installed new glass block windows

725 Mason- Tore-down/rebuilt/tuck-pointed chimney. Installed new cement cap

640 Cathryn- Grind/tuck-pointed chimney. Removed old/Installed new cement cap

203  8th Ave.- Removed old limestone. Rebuilt/tuck-pointed chimney. Resealed flashing. Removed/Installed new liner connecting water heater to furnace. Ground/tuck-pointed entire stone foundation. Removed/rebuilt front stairs

321 Park- Grind/tuck-ponted chimney. Resealed flashing/cap

843 Brainard- Leveled out back staircase and installed stone tile

519 Blackstone- Grind/tuck-point spots of home. Installed shutters

11 W Elm- Chop out/repair foundation


1242 Harrison- Installed all glass blocks

810 Waiola- Grind/tuck-pointed/resealed chimney

1401 Beach- grind/tuck-pointed chimney and side of home

928 Kemman- Grind/tuck-pointed garage. Tore-down/Rebuilt chimney. Installed new cement cap/resealed flashing

1201 Alima Terr.- Grind/tuck-pointed chimney/building

946 Robin Hood- Grind/tuck-pointed chimney. Resealed flashing. Tuck-pointed brick flower bed

1213 Cleveland- Tore-down/rebuilt/tuck-pointed chimney. Installed new cement cap/Z-Flex liner


1110 Stephens- Installed new custom stainless steal chimney liner


4125 Maple- Repaired portion of foundation. Applied Theroseal

8607 44th- Grind/tuck-pointed 3 walls

7846 42nd- Grind/tuck-pointed brick rails & above door. Replaced bad brick

4518 Lawndale- Grind/tuck-pointed portion of building

8700 Ogden- SCOUT’S ELECTRIC- Removed bad glass block and bricked up

8644 OGDEN- VERN’S AUTO- Grind/tuck-pointed wall on building


4907 Egandale- Removed/Installed new cement cap on chimney


422 Scoville- Rebuilt/Tuck-pointed chimney. Installed new cement cap. Resealed flashing

6810 Roosevelt- PHS LOCKSMITHS- Complete restoration of front of building including removing/replacing stone. Grind/tuck-pointing

920 Wisconsin- Removed/Replaced bad brick. Bricked up window. Tore-down/rebuilt brick rails. Tuck-pointed


15050 Landing Ln.- Tore-down/rebuilt west wall. Repaired front wall


947 Ashland- Grind/Tuck-pointed brick pillar and chimney. Resealed flashing. Cleaned entire home

846 Clinton- Grind/tuck-pointed entire house and garage


100 Delaplaine- Re-do stucco on chimney

365 Des Plaines- Grind/tuck-pointed by glass block. Removed/installed new lentil

325 Gage- Grind/tuck-pointed chimney

100 Blooming Bank-  Grind/tuck-pointed driveway foundation. Applied Theroseal to exterior basement walls

70 Herbert- Grind/tuck-pointed chimney, house and garage

2517 3rd- Tore-down/rebuilt/tuck-pointed chimney. Installed new cement cap and resealed flashing

2509 3rd- Tore-down/rebuilt chimney. Installed new cap and resealed flashing

2216 3rd- Rebuilt portion of chimney. Installed new cement cap and resealed flashing

507 Selborne- grind/tuck-pointed chimney

430 Kent- Tore-down/rebuilt chimney. New cement cap/flashing

100 Bloomingbank- Grind/tuck-pointed pool room. Replaced blocks

271 Scottswood- waterproofed chimney

196 Delaplaine- grind/tuck-pointed chimney

424 Uvedale- Repair garage by grinding/tuck-pointing/applying wire mesh and smoothing out

7077 26th- chopped out deteriorating mortar/tuck-pointed

8708 26th- Tore-down/rebuilt chimney. Resealed flashing and liner. Replaced limestone


5840 Harlem- DYNASTY JEWELERS- repaired parapet walls. Tuck-pointed and applied theroseal


6929 Pershing- Grind/tuck-pointed east wall

4126 Maple- Tore-down/rebuilt chimney. Installed new cement cap. Tuck-pointed chimney and house

4341 Clinton- Grind/tuck-pointed chimney. Removed/replaced cement cap. Resealed flashing

4128 Home- Grind/tuck-pointed front/sides of home


1199 Regency- COURTS OF WESTCHESTER- rebuilt 28 chimneys, tuck-pointed

1412 Bristol- removed bricks/stone on front bay window. Installed moisture barrier. Rebuilt wall

734 Portsmouth- grind/tuck-pointed chimney, resealed flashing

1507 Boeger-grind/tuck-pointed settlement cracks

1310 Portsmouth- tore-down/rebuilt chimney. Resealed chimney. Installed new cement cap/flashing

10307 Canterbury- grind/tuck-pointed garage, front brick pillar


325 S. Grant- grind/tuck-pointed garage. Applied Theroseal to garage, attic and basement chimney


320 46th- clean/restored brick. Grind/tuck-pointed stairs

4604 Franklin- Removed bad lintel/installed new. Water-proofed barrier. Grind/tuck-pointed brick

Howard st.- removed/replaced bad brick on garage. Repaired concrete wall


8546 Candle light- grind/tuck-pointed chimney. Replaced bad bricks. Installed new cement cap/resealed flashing on chimney