Cleaning can transform a building—washing away years of pollution, smoke, algae, mold and other undesirables, like graffiti.

Over time the elements can distort the natural beauty of your brick. Often you may have sound brickwork, but are unhappy with the color that it may have turned. The reason for this shift in color has to do with environmental factors like dirt, pollutions and mold, which can all affect it.

While stain and graffiti removal is necessary, cleaning brick or stone buildings can get tricky. Many materials require at least some chemical additives to ensure the job is successful. Yet the wrong chemical, or the wrong pressure, can cause significant damage during cleaning.

Our building cleaning service will restore the beauty of your brick, often with gentle pressure washing or with carefully chosen chemical washes to bring back its original appearance. We offer an affordable and relatively safe way to regain the original brilliance of your brick.

We serve a wide radius of communities surrounding La Grange, IL.  Call us today at (708) 354-2501 for an estimate.

see work on lower left corner

Brick Cleaning in Progress

see how the left side looks great

BEFORE (right side) and AFTER


larger view of house

BEFORE and AFTER (left side)


cleaning the bricks washes away the age

see the difference